Minecraft tree “probably” the tallest tree in the Tropics

08 Jun 2016

A tree the height of 20 London double-decker buses has been discovered in Malaysia by conservation scientists monitoring the impact of human activity on the biodiversity of a pristine rainforest. The tree, a Yellow  Meranti, is one of the species that can be grown in the computer game Minecraft.

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Deforestation starves fish

11 Jun 2014

Research shows forest debris that drains into lakes is an important contributor to freshwater food chains – bolstering fish diets to the extent that increased forest cover causes fish to get ‘fat’ and sparse forest leaves smaller, underfed fish.

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Shedding light on forests

21 May 2013

By using advanced imaging technology, scientists are able to map on an unprecedentedly large scale – and in remarkably accurate detail - what is happening to these precious resources worldwide. 

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