One Hundred Days of Trump

28 Apr 2017

Professor Andrew Preston examines the origins of the first hundred days as a measure of presidential success in American politics.

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Mitrokhin’s KGB archive opens to public

07 Jul 2014

KGB files from the famous Mitrokhin Archive – described by the FBI as ‘the most complete and extensive intelligence ever received from any source’ – will today open to the public for the first time.

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Foreign policy, home truths

11 Feb 2014

Newly published research investigates the contrasting approaches taken by European states to the multiculturalism that results from increased migration.

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We ask the experts: is overseas aid working?

16 Aug 2013

We live in an unequal world: each year billions of dollars are directed at reducing some of the gaps between rich and poor, and bringing basic healthcare and education to those without these life-enhancing resources. But at grassroots level international aid often fails to make a real difference. Where are we going wrong?

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Flag of the United Nations.

Global politics on the agenda at Hay

22 May 2011

Ahead of her talk at the Hay Festival, Dr Amrita Narlikar, Director of the University of Cambridge's new Centre for Rising Powers, discusses how countries like Brazil and China are changing the shape of global politics.

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United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland

Power in the balance

11 May 2011

A new research hub dedicated to the study of emerging powers and how different nations evolve to become leading political forces on the world stage, is being created at the University of Cambridge.

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