The Square Mile by night

Who owns the City?

22 Nov 2011

Foreign investors now own the majority of City of London offices, according to a new study from the Department of Land Economy.

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Rufus Pollock

Open and transparent

18 Oct 2011

An exciting venture dedicated to the sharing of knowledge and information, the Open Knowledge Foundation (OKF) is creating a worldwide ecosystem of searchable data and the tools to interpret that data. Founded by Cambridge economist Rufus Pollock, OKF has big ambitions in fields that range from sonnets to statistics.

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Lubbock Heart Hospital, Dec 16-17, 2005

A Greek tragedy in health?

10 Oct 2011

Cambridge-led research documents rises in HIV, heroin use, prostitution, homicides and suicides in the wake of the Greek financial crisis.

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Adrian Leonard at Lloyd's

Navigating the choppy waters of risk

06 Oct 2011

Whether or not the planned intervention in the organisation of international banking sector succeeds, it will certainly impact on the City of London. Adrian Leonard, an Affiliate Researcher at the Centre for Financial History at Newnham College and the Centre for Risk Studies at Judge Business School, thinks his research into the history of the London insurance market offers hints for today’s policymakers.

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