Looking for the good

03 Aug 2014

Anthropology looks at human differences in its study of the ‘other’ and at human commonalities in its more recent focus on the ‘suffering’. In identifying ways that anthropology can contribute to solutions for world problems, Professor Joel Robbins proposes an approach he calls the ‘anthropology of the good’.

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Let’s talk about Islam and women’s rights

19 Feb 2014

Professor Mona Siddiqui will be in Cambridge from 10 to 13 March to give a series of public talks that go to the heart of the debate that surrounds Islam and rights for women. At a concluding symposium she will be joined by a panel of distinguished speakers.

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Men display their scars after kidney removal

What price a human kidney?

14 May 2011

A public talk at Cambridge University on Saturday will draw attention to the growing illegal trade in human organs and invite discussion of the complex ethical issues involved.

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Detail from the cover of the Oxford Handbook of Neuroethics

Smart thinking

07 Apr 2011

As audiences watch the movie "Limitless", in which an author uses a smart drug to boost his brain, a new book shines a spotlight on the ethical dilemmas which arise when developments in neuroscience are embraced by the non-medical world.

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Twilight literature

The Twilight Zone?

03 Sep 2010

The effect on the teenage brain of books like Twilight and the Harry Potter series is to be examined at Cambridge University.

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Professor Simon Blackburn

01 Sep 2008

A prolific writer and champion of accessible philosophy, Simon Blackburn was honoured this year by the prestigious American Academy of Arts and Sciences for his significant contributions to academia. His esteemed career has taken him full circle - from his arrival at Trinity College to study Moral Sciences as an undergraduate in 1962, to his return to the same college as Professor of Philosophy in 2001.

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