A royal extravaganza comes to town

30 Aug 2014

Don’t miss the fun happening in the centre of Cambridge on Saturday, 13 September when Elizabeth I will be in town with a retinue of courtiers and musicians to re-enact a visit that took place 450 years ago. The event is part of Open Cambridge 2014

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Looking for King Lear in Kashmir

22 Aug 2014

Dr Preti Taneja first read King Lear as a teenager and immediately saw parallels with the Indian culture of her parents’ homeland. Almost 20 years later, she spent six months exploring the subcontinent, tracing the themes that make Shakespeare’s exploration of humanity so compelling, and researching a novel that re-imagines her favourite play. 

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Meet a flawed hero in Greek drama brought alive

15 Feb 2013

Many of us have seen blockbuster movies based on the stories told in Homer’s epic poems. Now there’s a rare chance to see an accessible dramatisation of part of the Iliad in the original Greek with English surtitles at St John’s College, Cambridge.

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Reinventing tragedy in the modern age

09 May 2012

Is tragedy the perfect dramatic form for our current predicament? Or has the classic idea of catharsis through viewing the suffering of others become much more problematic in an age of 24/7 news and the internet? An event at this year's Hay Festival will investigate.

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