The eyes have it

05 Feb 2014

Researchers in Cambridge and Exeter have discovered that jackdaws use their eyes to communicate with each other – the first time this has been shown in non-primates.

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Mbulelo Ndabeni and Julia Gillespie dance in Seven for a Secret (Rambert Dance Company)

Two for joy

21 Nov 2011

An innovative dance performance with creative input from Professor Nicky Clayton, a expert on bird cognition, goes on tour this week. The Rambert Dance Company's newest production - Seven for a Secret, Never to be Told - is an exploration of childhood inspired by the age-old nursery rhyme about magpies and informed by science.

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The Bird Tango: Cambridge academic fuses love of birds and dance

09 Sep 2009

Nicola Clayton, Professor of Comparative Cognition, has collaborated with the world-famous Rambert Dance Company to produce a contemporary dance based on the works of Charles Darwin. In the video highlighted below, she discusses the scientific inspirations behind the contemporary ballet piece, The Comedy of Change.

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Nicola Clayton

Clever crows and dancing duets

01 May 2008

Nicky Clayton, Professor of Comparative Cognition in the Department of Experimental Psychology, has thrown the doors wide open on animal cognition. Where once the idea would have been dismissed that animals can re-experience the past and plan for the future, her imaginative studies have shown this inherent cleverness in crows.

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