The Reformation is remembered

27 Oct 2017

The Reformation is famously traced to an event that took place in Germany 500 years ago and reverberated across Europe. An online exhibition paints a vivid portrait of a society undergoing profound change – and free events this weekend commemorate an episode of corpse burning in Cambridge.

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The last Muslim King in Spain

18 May 2017

The history, myths and legends surrounding the last Muslim ruler in Spain – whose surrender ended seven centuries of Islam at the heart of Western Europe – is the subject of a new book and Hay Festival appearance by Cambridge academic Elizabeth Drayson.

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Lines of Thought: Communicating Faith

27 May 2016

Some of the world’s most important religious texts are currently on display in Cambridge as part of Cambridge University Library’s 600th anniversary exhibition – Lines of Thought: Discoveries that Changed the World.

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"And the girl he immersed in the font he took out as a boy"

02 May 2014

A conference taking place today in the Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic is the first step in an ambitious graduate-led project to create an online database of the diverse and often confounding miracle accounts which abound in the vast body of saintly literature produced by medieval authors. 

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