“Map Of Life” predicts ET. (So where is he?)

02 Jul 2015

The author of a new study of evolutionary convergence argues that the development of life on Earth is predictable, meaning that similar organisms should therefore have appeared on other, Earth-like planets by now.

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Mini-livers show promise to reduce animal use in science

26 Feb 2014

Cambridge research that has for the first time successfully grown “mini-livers” from adult mouse stem cells has won the UK’s international prize for the scientific and technological advance with the most potential to replace, reduce or refine the use of animals in science (the 3Rs).

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A moving history of life

07 Mar 2013

Evolution might explain how we have come to be the way we are, but locomotion plays a starring role in the story of life on Earth, as zoologist Dr Matt Wilkinson explains at the University of Cambridge’s Science Festival on March 16.

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Breast cancer cells.

Breast cancer: Back to basics

16 Aug 2012

Ahead of the first in a series of pub-based science talks, called “SciBar” this evening (16 August), Hayley Frend explains why fundamental knowledge about the mammary gland is still needed and how research in the field will impact on the treatment of breast cancer in the future.

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