The Vice-Chancellor has decided to withdraw the Change the Culture campaign announced last month. 

It has become clear that the updated HR policies which underpinned the campaign were launched prematurely and without full scrutiny. 

After consulting other leaders within the University, the Vice-Chancellor has concluded that a wider debate is both necessary and appropriate. The purpose of the proposals put forward last month was to address the community’s longstanding concerns about the ways the University tackles inappropriate behaviour, while retaining our fundamental commitment to free speech. Because they affect the whole University community it is important that there is widespread engagement and support.

New proposals will be brought before the General Board and the Council in due course. This process will follow the conclusions of a working group already appointed to look into anonymous reporting of inappropriate behaviour and there will be further consultation across the collegiate University.

In the meantime, the pre-existing policies governing staff behaviour and complaints remain in place. 

This decision has no impact on student policies. The Report + Support tool can still be used for students to make named reports of inappropriate behaviour.