The Vice-Chancellor gives notice in accordance with Regulation 8 (b) for the Nomination and Election of the Chancellor, as amended by the Grace of the Senate of 26 May 2011 (Reporter, 26 May 2011 p.861), that the period for nominations having closed at 5 p.m. on 17 June and there being more than one nomination, voting by the Senate will take place.

In addition to the candidate nominated by the Nomination Board (The Lord Sainsbury of Turville, a King's College alumnus, see Reporter, 20 May 2011 p.811), the Vice-Chancellor has received papers signed by fifty or more members of the Senate nominating the following persons for election to the Office of Chancellor and has received their written consent to such nomination:

Mr Abdul Arain
Mr Brian Blessed
Mr Michael Mansfield

In accordance with Regulation 8 (b), the Vice-Chancellor now appoints Friday, 14 October and Saturday, 15 October 2011 as the two days for voting. Members of the Senate should note that under Statute A I 1 governing the election of the Chancellor, voting shall be in person. Postal or proxy voting is not possible.

A notice confirming further details of the procedure for voting will be published in the Reporter and on this website in due course.

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