Cambridge scientists develop new method for producing carbon nanotubes

30 Apr 2001

Scientists working in the field of nanotechnology have stumbled upon a discovery which could revolutionise computing. The breakthrough, made by a team at the Department of Engineering, could now speed the increase in the processing power of silicon chips considerably, thereby breaking Moore's Law, the axiom which states that processing power doubles every 18 months while the cost remains constant.

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On Your Bike!

26 Apr 2001

The Vice-Chancellor and Anne Campbell MP got on their bikes today (Thursday 26 April 2001), to mark the official opening of Britain's first Park and Cycle scheme.

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Educational exclusion in Africa

23 Apr 2001

On Monday 30 April Barbra Chilangwa, Zambia's Deputy Permanent Secretary for Education, will give a talk at the University. Her lecture, The Challenges of Educational Exclusion: the Zambian Experience, will describe how the Zambian Government is working with Cambridge charity CamFed on an innovative programme of girls' education.

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What's On in Cambridge

12 Apr 2001

The diverse range of exhibitions, lectures and other events organised by the University, and associated institutions, continues through Easter and beyond. Here are a few of the highlights.

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Child labour: the wealth paradox

11 Apr 2001

Child labour in export industries such as carpets, clothing and sports equipment has captured public attention and stirred up a debate on trade sanctions and international labour standards. Yet obscured from the public eye, the vast majority of working children in developing countries are actually engaged in agricultural labour, predominantly on farms operated by their families. This is the conclusion of new research by Dr Sonia Bhalotra of the Department of Applied Economics at the University of Cambridge, whose findings are presented at the Royal Economic Society's annual conference this week.

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Cambridge tops FT league table

09 Apr 2001

For the fourth year running, the University of Cambridge has topped the Financial Times annual UK universities league table, which was published on Saturday, 7 April 2001.

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Breast cancer drug relaxes arteries in men with heart disease

06 Apr 2001

A drug used to treat breast cancer has been shown to improve blood flow in men with coronary artery disease. The Cambridge research team who conducted the novel study also demonstrated that the drug reduced cardiovascular risk factors in men (previous research showed that this was the case for women who were administered tamoxifen as a breast cancer treatment).

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