Graduands in academic dress for graduation standing in a socially distanced queue wearing masks

The University of Cambridge on Wednesday began holding its first in-person graduation ceremonies since February 2020 (ceremonies normally take place at intervals throughout the year). 

These particular ceremonies, held in the University’s 18th-century Senate House and known as General Admission to Degrees, will see students from 29 Colleges graduate over four days and have been carefully orchestrated in accordance with social distancing rules for higher education institutions and in consultation with the University’s safety advisers and the City Council. 

Other measures include strict limits on numbers inside the Senate House at one time, maximum ventilation with face coverings worn indoors and students queuing outside before graduating.

Family and friends who would normally attend have been invited to watch the ceremonies, conducted in Latin and in full academic dress, on a private livestream link.  

The University and the Colleges recognise the importance of celebrating the remarkable achievements of our students in a fitting manner that keeps most of the elements of the traditional ceremony while incorporating the necessary precautions.

Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education) Professor Graham Virgo said:

“Our students have worked incredibly hard and shown resilience and responsibility in their approach to the Covid-19 restrictions. I congratulate them all on their successes, and wish them well for the future.”

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