Detail of a molecular model of DNA.

Detail of a molecular model of DNA.

For the third time in recent weeks, Cambridge teaching has been judged excellent in a Subject Review. Molecular Biosciences has been awarded 24 marks out of a possible 24, following on from the recent successes of Organismal Biosciences and Experimental Psychology.

Molecular Biosciences includes courses taught by the Departments of Biochemistry, Pathology and Genetics. It also includes some interdepartmental courses: Biology of Cells and Molecular Cell Biology in Part 1A and Part 1B of the Natural Sciences tripos; and Medicine, Ethics and Law in Part II of Medical and Veterinary Sciences.

In their Report, among other aspects the Reviewers noted the high quality of student support provided at Cambridge, and the extent to which student comment was heeded in the modification of course design and delivery.

The outcome was welcomed by all three of the main departments concerned.

"I very much welcome this result" commented The Head of the Department of Genetics, Professor David Glover. "It is a tribute to the hard work of everybody in all the departments concerned."

Professor Andrew Wyllie, Head of the Department of Pathology, stated "This excellent result reflects the commitment to teaching of the staff in all 3 Departments. The high score is of course welcome but we also appreciate the way in which this exercise has allowed us to critically review many of our current teaching practices."

The Head of the Department of Biochemistry, Professor Thomas Blundell, pointed out that "Teaching in all its manifestations - lecturing, supervision, projects, practicals, small group discussions - is taken very seriously in Cambridge, and we all spend much time preparing and reviewing our approach. Our full marks are a welcome recognition of our efforts, but I am sure that there is much we still need to do to improve further!"

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