As chair of the University Council, the Vice-Chancellor welcomes the clear vote by members of the Regent House on three proposed amendments to the statement on freedom of speech.

Grace 2 of 28 September 2020 and three amendments (statement on freedom of speech):

Result Votes For Votes Against % of valid vote For
Amendment 1 1,378 208 86.9%
Amendment 2 1,243 311 80%
Amendment 3 1,202 342 77.8%

Turnout for all elections and ballots November 2020 was 32.1%.

The result can be viewed on the Cambridge University Reporter webpages

Following this ballot, the University has adopted a revised University Statement on Freedom of Speech.  

Commenting on the result of the ballot, the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Stephen J Toope, said:

"I welcome the result of the vote by the Regent House today which is an emphatic reaffirmation of free speech in our University. The University will now implement the amended statement and this marks the conclusion of the democratic decision-making process on this matter. I would like to thank my colleagues who proposed the amendments that have now been agreed by the University’s governing body. 

"Freedom of speech is a right that sits at the heart of the University. This statement is a robust defence of that right. The University will always be a place where anyone can express new ideas and controversial or unpopular opinions, and where those views can be robustly challenged. The statement also makes it clear that is unacceptable to censor, or disinvite, speakers whose views are lawful but may be seen as controversial.

"Rigorous debate is fundamental to the pursuit of academic excellence and the University of Cambridge will always be a place where freedom of speech is not only protected, but strongly encouraged."

Details of the amendments can be viewed in the Reporter.

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