The Director of IBM India Research Lab, discussing how Indian farmers are using mobile phones to improve their daily lives, and an Assistant Vice President from Sotheby’s New York, explaining why some Indian contemporary paintings have fetched millions of pounds in recent auctions, will be in Cambridge later this month as part of a compelling two-day seminar hosted by Judge Business School.

A stellar range of speakers will take the stage to explore the rise of India and China as both fast-growing global markets and world-class sources of innovation.

Even as the world sinks into a global recession, the Indian and Chinese economies are expected to continue to grow on the strength of their vast domestic markets.

The Seminar will explore why Western companies often struggle to devise the right business models and marketing strategies to penetrate and succeed in both giant Asian markets, and how the globalisation of Indian and Chinese firms is reshaping entire industries – from manufacturing to retail to film and art.

“Innovation in India and China – How to create value from emerging markets” will be held on the 19th and 20th May 2009 at Judge Business School, hosted by the Centre for India & Global Business, in partnership with the Marketing Science Institute (MSI) and Blood Orange Media.

Academic experts and leading business figures from around the world will share their viewpoints and experiences on how to win entry into these rapidly growing Asian markets.

They will cover issues associated with branding that are particular to China and India and how to successfully negotiate the opportunities and challenges of sourcing innovation from these emerging markets. In addition they will discuss how to unleash the creative potential of the base of the economic pyramid.

Speakers on Tuesday 19 May will include:

• Dr Guruduth Banavar, Director, IBM India Research Lab (pictured);
• Kal Patel, EVP of Emerging Business, Best Buy;
• Peter Golder, Professor of Marketing, Stern School of Business, NYU;
• Kunal Sinha, Executive Director at Ogilvy & Mather Greater China;
• Rama Bijapurkar, Leading Market Strategy Consultant, Author, Independent Director;
• Professor Peter Williamson, Visiting Professor, Judge Business School;
• Professor Anil Gupta, Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad;
• Dr Simone Ahuja, Principal, Blood Orange Media;
• Professor Gerard Tellis, Professor of Marketing, Marshall School of Business, USC



The second day will focus on the growing influence of Indian and Chinese arts and culture on the global creative economy.

Speakers will discuss how art products emanating from the East are shaping a new dynamic global industry.

They will look at the reasons why middle-class Indian and Chinese consumers’ taste for expensive luxury items imported from abroad is providing both challenges and opportunities for multinational players.

They will examine how Indian fashion designers are successfully partnering with Western brands and retailers and shaping the global luxury market, and discuss the globalisation of the Indian film industry and its consequences for Hollywood and the international cinema industry.

Speakers on Wednesday 20 May will include:
• Anuradha Ghosh-Mazumdar, Assistant VP and Indian Art Specialist, Sotheby’s New York;
• Ashok Som, Associate Professor of Management, ESSEC;
• Manish Arora, Leading Indian Fashion Designer;
• Dr Allegre Hadida, Lecturer in Strategy, Judge Business School;
• Rohan Sippy, Bollywood Producer and Director

Professor Jaideep Prabhu, the Jawaharlal Nehru Professor of Indian Business and Enterprise, said: “Endowed with significant creative capacity and a large consumer base, India and China are rapidly reshaping the global knowledge economy of tomorrow.

“The aim of this event, by disseminating cutting-edge business practices and insights related to groundbreaking innovations from this region, is to facilitate more engagement with these emerging markets, resulting in a win-win for both Eastern and Western economies.”

This open event will appeal to anyone seeking to better understand the innovative Indian and Chinese markets and their growing influence on the global knowledge economy.

Since places are limited, interested parties should register as soon as possible for this event by contacting the Centre for India & Global Business at

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