Cambridge heads to COP28

01 Dec 2023

The University of Cambridge heads to COP28 in Dubai, UAE, with a film premiere and a host of higher education and research events.

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ActNowFilm poster image


27 Nov 2023

Youth leaders and world figures featured in new ActNowFilm, to premiere at COP28 call for young people to be included in national climate negotiation...

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Pile of yew trunks at the edge of an agricultural field

The Fens of eastern England once held vast woodlands

24 Nov 2023

The Fens of eastern England, a low-lying, extremely flat landscape dominated by agricultural fields, was once a vast woodland filled with huge yew...

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Naked Clams in wooden growth panel

Innovative aquaculture system turns waste wood into nutritious seafood

20 Nov 2023

Researchers hoping to rebrand a marine pest as a nutritious food have developed the world’s first system of farming shipworms, which they have...

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Edison Wan, Ellie Austin, Shumona Nath, Echo Lyu pose for a portrait

Butterflies, Bees and Broader Horizons

17 Nov 2023

Cambridge Zero programme prepares young climate leaders for the future

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Factory chimneys blowing smoke.

Carbon-omics and global health

17 Nov 2023

Cambridge Zero to host two research symposia to discuss critical climate change challenges

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Palu, Indonesia, devastated by an earthquake in 2018

Moving a capital city: learning from when the earth moves

14 Nov 2023

Indonesia plans to build a new capital city from scratch. Protecting the new city from the effects of earthquakes will be crucial. Here's how...

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Device for making solar fuels on the River Cam near the Bridge of Sighs

Solar-powered device produces clean water and clean fuel at the same time

13 Nov 2023

A floating, solar-powered device that can turn contaminated water or seawater into clean hydrogen fuel and purified water, anywhere in the world, has...

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Polar Stratospheric Clouds, also called mother of pearl clouds

Why do climate models underestimate polar warming? ‘Invisible clouds’ could be the answer

08 Nov 2023

Stratospheric clouds over the Arctic may explain the differences seen between the polar warming calculated by climate models and actual recordings...

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Experts predict ‘catastrophic ecosystem collapse’ of UK forests within the next 50 years if action not taken

08 Nov 2023

Other threats to UK forests include competition with society for water, viral diseases, and extreme weather affecting forest management.

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Mother Nature knows best when it comes to climate solutions, social media users say

03 Nov 2023

A survey of more than a million social media posts suggests that people feel more positive about Nature's ability to solve climate change than human...

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Street view images of Cambridge houses showing building features contributing to HtD identification

AI trained to identify least green homes by Cambridge researchers

02 Nov 2023

First of its kind AI-model can help policymakers efficiently identify and prioritize houses for retrofitting and other decarbonizing measures.

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