Two pigs on a farm

Pork labelling schemes ‘not helpful’ in making informed buying choices, say researchers

11 Apr 2024

Farmers don’t have to choose between lowering environmental impact and improving welfare for their pigs, a new study has found: it is possible to do...

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Fish bellies, fava beans & food security

05 Apr 2024

Cambridge Zero and Cambridge Global Food Security gather academics and experts to share solutions for the planet’s looming food production problem.

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Cancer's climate innovation

04 Apr 2024

An enzyme inspired by brain cancer DNA that has the potential to slash greenhouse gas emissions from the production of nylon won the 2024 Cambridge...

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Partha Dasgupta wins BBVA Frontiers of Knowledge Award for Economics

04 Apr 2024

Professor Sir Partha Dasgupta (Economics, St. John's) wins the BBVA award for Economics, Finance and Management for his groundbreaking work in...

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Herd of cows in a grassy field

TB vaccine may enable elimination of the disease in cattle by reducing its spread

28 Mar 2024

Vaccination not only reduces the severity of TB in infected cattle, but reduces its spread in dairy herds by 89%, research finds.

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Study lake in Norway

New approach to monitoring freshwater quality can identify sources of pollution, and predict their effects

28 Mar 2024

Analysing the diversity of organic compounds dissolved in freshwater provides a reliable measure of ecosystem health, say scientists.

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Holding back the flood

25 Mar 2024

Researchers from Cambridge, Exeter and St Andrews urge politicians to help “trapped” communities fight the effects of climate change instead of...

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Mackerel with potato salad

Fish fed to farmed salmon should be part of our diet, too, study suggests

20 Mar 2024

The public are being encouraged to eat more wild fish, such as mackerel, anchovies and herring, which are often used within farmed salmon feeds...

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A combine harvester in a field

Farm to factories

15 Mar 2024

Cambridge Zero collaborates with Cambridge Global Food Security Interdisciplinary Research Centre (IRC) and the University of Cambridge...

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Plastic Fantastic Cambridge

13 Mar 2024

Cambridge University Association Football Club (CUAFC) will wear a design that copies the match kit from their 1905 Varsity fixture with Oxford for...

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Marking International Women’s Day at the Cambridge Festival

08 Mar 2024

From pre-eclampsia and its lasting impact on women’s health to inequitable distribution of domestic and caring labour in different-sex couples to an...

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Facing The New Reality

05 Mar 2024

Climate action film "Facing The New Reality" featuring Cambridge Zero Director Professor Emily Shuckburgh is a finalist for the Smiley Charity Film...

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