Dr Aidan Starr

Why a mysterious ocean pattern could rapidly change our climate

04 Jul 2024

Dr Aidan Starr is a paleoceanographer. In journeying back 2 million years, he hopes to fill in the missing chapters of our oceans and predict where...

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A great tit wearing a radiofrequency identification tag. Photo: James ONeill

Blue and great tits deploy surprisingly powerful memories to find food, a new study shows

03 Jul 2024

Blue and great tits recall what they have eaten in the past, where they found the food and when they found it, a new study shows. In the first...

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Researchers assess woodland condition at Alice Holt Forest

No evidence that England’s new ‘biodiversity boost’ planning policy will help birds or butterflies

28 Jun 2024

A new legal requirement for developers to demonstrate a biodiversity boost in planning applications could make a more meaningful impact on nature...

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Antarctic ice shelves hold twice as much meltwater as previously thought

27 Jun 2024

Slush – water-soaked snow – makes up more than half of all meltwater on the Antarctic ice shelves during the height of summer, yet is poorly...

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Heath goanna in Australia

Australia’s giant lizards help save sheep from being eaten alive

25 Jun 2024

Heath goannas - a species of giant, scavenging lizard - act as natural clean-up crews by clearing maggot-ridden animal carcasses from the landscape.

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Eruption at Eyjafjallajökull April 17, 2010.

Video analysis of Iceland 2010 eruption could improve volcanic ash forecasts for aviation safety

13 Jun 2024

Video footage of Iceland’s 2010 Eyjafjallajökull eruption is providing researchers from the University of Cambridge with rare, up-close observations...

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Sample of activated charcoal used to capture carbon dioxide

Electrified charcoal ‘sponge’ can soak up CO2 directly from the air

05 Jun 2024

Researchers have developed a low-cost, energy-efficient method for making materials that can capture carbon dioxide directly from the air.

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Forest canopy

Cambridge on World Environment Day 2024

05 Jun 2024

This year's World Environment Day focus is on land restoration. So we spoke with three Cambridge researchers working on reviving landscapes, boosting...

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Rainforest on the south-eastern edge of Amazonia, Brazil.

Rainforest wildlife under threat as below-canopy temperatures rise

03 Jun 2024

Assumptions that tropical forest canopies protect from the effects of climate change are unfounded, say researchers.

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Male wren with bright blue plumage brings food to a cuckoo fledgling .

Cuckoos evolve to look like their hosts - and form new species in the process

30 May 2024

Two decades of cuckoo research have helped scientists to explain how battles between species can cause new species to arise

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LUT Rector Juha-Matti Saksa and Clare Hall President President Alan Short and signing the joint agreement

Clare Hall, Cambridge and LUT University, Finland sign agreement on fellowships and global climate prize

28 May 2024

Clare Hall, Cambridge and LUT University, Finland, establish a Visiting Fellowship programme and joint Global Prize for Solutions to Climate Change...

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Cement recycling method a 'miracle' for net zero transition

22 May 2024

Researchers from the University of Cambridge have developed a method to produce very low-emission concrete at scale – an innovation that could be...

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