Professor Debbie Prentice and Professor Alan Garber

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Debbie Prentice, welcomed Professor Alan Garber, Interim President of Harvard University, and members of his senior team during a visit to Cambridge.

After a meeting with Cambridge counterparts, the Harvard team went to Emmanuel College, which has strong historical links with Harvard, and took part in a symposium on research in the life sciences.

In the afternoon, Professor Garber and his colleagues visited the Cambridge Biomedical Campus to learn more about its world-leading medical science, research, education and patient care.

"It was a great pleasure to meet with our alumni in London and to travel to the University of Cambridge on my first presidential visit outside of the United States,” said Professor Garber. “Acknowledging our historical roots and celebrating our ongoing connections underscored for me the strength of our worldwide community. It was inspiring to see first-hand the many ways in which that strength is helping us fulfil our commitment to teaching, research, and innovation. I am grateful to the Vice-Chancellor and our colleagues in 'old Cambridge', and to our alumni community in London, for hosting me for these important conversations.”

Professor Prentice said: “I was delighted to welcome Professor Garber and the Harvard team to Cambridge. It was a wonderful opportunity to catch up with colleagues, discuss some of the great work going on in our institutions, and exchange ideas on a wide range of topics.”

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