‘Map’ of teenage brain provides strong evidence of link between serious antisocial behaviour and brain development

16 Jun 2016

The brains of teenagers with serious antisocial behaviour problems differ significantly in structure to those of their peers, providing the clearest evidence to date that their behaviour stems from changes in brain development in early life, according to new research led by the University of Cambridge and the University of Southampton, in collaboration with the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” in Italy.

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Designer piercings

07 Nov 2013

A new method which streamlines the design and construction of synthetic membrane pores could improve a range of scientific processes, including speeding up the development of new drugs, and enabling more efficient disease diagnosis through DNA sequence detection.

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Surface profile of a spall in a bearing steel

Share and share alike

24 Aug 2012

A new resource launched today by the University of Cambridge will help researchers seek out and access high-value equipment across five universities.

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Darwin College Lecture Series 2012

In search of Life at Lady Mitchell Hall

27 Jan 2012

Darwin College continues the popular Darwin College lecture series this week on 27 January with Life in Ruins. The annual eight week series held at Lady Mitchell Hall is free to the public and is renowned for its famous speakers and thought-provoking discussions.

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