Influenza virus

Cartographers of the infectious world

25 Oct 2011

Cambridge scientists, and their map-making skills, are contributing to an annual worldwide public health endeavour – the race to select a vaccine against seasonal flu.

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Healthy plants

Invigorating plants

06 Jul 2011

Understanding how plants ‘silence’ invading viruses could hold the key to releasing their hidden potential.

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A palladium catalyst in action

Synthesis made simpler

01 Nov 2010

Research is bringing closer the conversion of simple organic molecules into drugs, plastics or potential new fuels in a single step.

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Drax Power Station

Towards a smarter electricity future

01 Oct 2009

The Electricity Policy Research Group – a programme that spans the Faculty of Economics and Judge Business School – is providing world-class analysis to support an evolving electricity industry.

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David Mackay

Without the hot air

01 May 2009

Internationally known for his work on information theory, machine learning and novel forms of communication, Professor David MacKay has devoted much of his time recently to public teaching about energy. His well-received book Sustainable Energy - Without the Hot Air was published in December 2008

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