This section contains information for undergraduate students. For more general information for students, please visit the guidance for all students section.​

Year Abroad students

Year abroad students should continue to liaise with the Year Abroad co-ordinator in your Faculty or Department and your Director of Studies in your College to discuss your situation taking into consideration the latest Foreign and Commonwealth Office guidance and any relevant international travel restrictions. Plans for year abroad activity will need to be approved in advance of travel in the usual way. 


HML/MML Year Abroad students

HML and MML year abroad students should refer to the MML coronavirus information pages for more detailed guidance.


International undergraduate students

Last updated 16 July 2021

Travelling to the UK from abroad

Students are advised to consult the information on travelling to the UK on our International Students pages before making travel plans. 


Tier 4/Student visa holders

The Home Office recognises the exceptional circumstances of the current situation and the University will continue to sponsor a current student’s Tier 4/Student visa where remote study has been approved. 

In accordance with Home Office policy, the University can exceptionally continue visa sponsorship for a period of intermission of up to four months during a student’s course of study. Students who are unable to continue their studies at this time owing the pandemic are advised to contact the International Student Office for further visa guidance about their particular circumstances.


Making your student visa application from outside the UK

Most UK Visa Application Centres across the world have resumed services for student visa entry clearance applications but appointment availability may be more limited in some locations.


Making your student application from inside the UK

If you are eligible to make your student visa application from inside the UK, pre-existing biometrics are currently being used where possible. If UKVI can reuse your biometrics you will be emailed after you make your application with instructions on how to send them an image of your face and your supporting documents via an app. If pre-existing biometrics cannot be reused, you will be invited to book an appointment to provide biometric information, but you may find availability is currently more limited.

If you make an in-time application and are waiting for a decision, you can start your course at Cambridge whilst this is pending. You will need to provide your College with evidence you have submitted an application within the relevant timeframe. UKVI advises that if your application is eventually rejected as invalid or refused you must stop your course or studies.

Further guidance

For further guidance on student immigration matters, please contact the International Student Office.