This section contains information about current and recent travel, planning future travel, and travel insurance.

Information for international students 

Please see information for international students for guidance for those travelling to Cambridge from overseas.


Stay-at-home guidance for those returning to the UK from overseas

If you have recently returned from overseas you should:


If you are abroad and cannot travel back to the UK due to the coronavirus outbreak

You should:

  • Check the FCO website for the latest advice for the area you are in
  • Contact your Department immediately to tell them of your situation
  • Consider registering with any local consulates or embassies, who will be able to advise on any updates and evacuation plans for respective nationals

If you had booked travel insurance on the University’s Business Travel Insurance policy before the FCO travel ban, the policy continues to provide cover for medical expenses. You should log into the Chubb portal and extend your cover as required. If you are unsure of the end date you require, please use 30 September 2020.

Please note the University’s Business Travel Insurance policy with Chubb only applies to employees and graduate students; undergraduate year abroad trips are not covered under this policy. Any declared trip through Chubb will not be covered as they do not cover undergraduate students.

If you are entitled to free healthcare in your current location, you must use the facilities provided before using the University’s insurance policy.

For more information see the travel insurance advice below.


Travel advice for those planning on travelling overseas

Staff and students planning to travel on University-related business

The UK government has now started lifting the blanket travel ban to certain destinations but please note that this may be subject to change.

Trips must be authorised and risk assessed as per the usual procedure. As a first step, you are strongly advised to telephone the COVID Helpdesk (01223 339514) for assistance with planning your trip. COVID testing and quarantine requirements vary widely from country to country, and change frequently. Please see Guidance on Managing Risks from Travel, Fieldwork and Work Away for further information (Raven login required).

Travel overseas for the purpose of carrying out research or studying away (including fieldwork) will now normally be regarded as sufficient reason to travel by the University if evidence of necessity is included in the risk assessment and provided the following criteria are met:

  1. You have completed all the risk assessment forms which must include:

  • evidence that you have consulted in detail any FCDO advice
  • evidence that you have researched the pandemic effects in the overseas country and checked any restrictions in place in the overseas country due to the pandemic and your ability to return to either UK or other country is not affected

  • you have in place COVID-19 risk contingency plans for medical care and travel arrangements

  • you have submitted these to your Department

  1. You have provided evidence as to why your research/studies is necessary and why your physical presence is required overseas.

  2. You have taken into account the need for any Covid-19 imposed quarantines or testing and subsequent additional costs as these will not be covered by University Travel Insurance.

  3. You have valid insurance. The University holds Travel Insurance that is suitable and appropriate for trips and includes professional medical and security support to individuals and groups.  One of the key risk issues is in travel to countries which sit on the Government’s ‘Red’ list and the FCDO guidance is against travel for ‘all but essential’ reasons.  Please also be aware that cover for Cancellation/Curtailment costs to such territories WILL NOT be covered.  For further information please visit the Insurance website.

Year abroad students should continue to liaise with the Year Abroad co-ordinator in your Faculty or Department and your Director of Studies in your College to discuss your situation taking into consideration the latest Foreign and Commonwealth Office guidance and any relevant international travel restrictions. Plans for year abroad activity will need to be approved in advance of travel.


Travel insurance

If you are planning to travel, check the travel insurance webpages for information on insurance, coronavirus and Brexit.