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The University has adapted its learning, teaching and assessment methods to reflect the challenges of the ongoing pandemic. The University’s arrangements for assessment reflect its responsibility to ensure fairness, maintain academic rigour, and to take account of the needs of all students. We are confident that the steps being taken this year will ensure all students are given a fair grade.

  • Most exams will be online; in-person exams will be held where necessary and approved by the University’s Education Committee.
  • If the approved in-person exams are not possible due to circumstances beyond our control, we have contingency arrangements in place.
  • Arrangements will be made to accommodate students who are unable to attend an in-person exam due to self-isolation or approved remote study.
  • In line with all other Russell Group Universities, Cambridge will not be adopting the ‘no detriment’  policy which was applied last year in assessing students’ work this year. This is because most of last year’s results relied on summative assessments from the previous year and, since these are not available for 2020, it will not be possible to replicate this system in 2021. Methods of assessment have been specifically designed for this academic year to ensure that they are robust in the light of the impact of the pandemic. Students should be reassured that their academic performance will be assessed fairly and any disruption brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic will be taken into account. More details on a package of measures of mitigation will be released later this Term, to safeguard student achievements from the impacts of the pandemic and to ensure the quality and integrity of a Cambridge degree.
  • We are not planning a second assessment period. If a student is unable to take their assessment due to medical reasons or other grave cause, the usual mitigation process is available. If a student is studying remotely by prior approval, arrangements will be made for their assessment to be taken remotely.
  • The normal process for exam access arrangements will apply to ensure that assessments are inclusive of students’ individual needs. If you have an illness or disability you may require some form of adjustment to your examinations. Please see the information available on access arrangements, which tells you how and when to apply.

Faculties and Departments will provide students with the details about the assessment arrangements for their own courses. Students should contact their own Faculty or Department with any concerns or requests for more information about their assessments.

Even in normal times, exams and assessment can be a cause of anxiety. These are extraordinary times, and there is support available for all of our students. If you are concerned about your work or assessment, please talk to your Tutor or Senior Tutor. Your college is there to support you in all respects: looking after its students is an essential part of the work every college does. There is further information about support available on the Stay Safe Cambridge Uni website and on the student wellbeing pages.