This archival information applied for postgraduate taught students in the academic year 2019-20.

Will I be classed?

Postgraduate taught students (eg MPhil, MBA, LLM and MST) will be given the opportunity to receive a classed degree via the alternative assessments which have been approved.

What if I can’t take my assessments in Easter Term 2020?

If you are unable to take your assessments in Easter Term 2020 for any of the reasons mentioned in the general assessment guidance you will be expected to take them in the second assessment period. Please be aware that sitting your assessment in the later period will impact when you will be able to graduate.

If you are unable to take any assessment either in the first or second assessment period, or you can only take some of the assessment, you should speak with your College about making an application for an allowance to the Examination Access and Mitigation Committee or the Board of Graduate Studies.

One of the allowances available to postgraduate taught students is Deemed to have Deserved Honours (DDH). This means that the evidence indicates that the student would normally have achieved Honours in the examination.