Scott writing in his hut during the fateful Terra Nova expedition.

‘These rough notes and our dead bodies…’

06 Dec 2011

The story of the Terra Nova expedition, explored through the letters, diaries and photographs of its members, is to be told during a once-in-a-lifetime exhibition at Cambridge University’s Polar Museum.

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Dr Stephen Leonard (left) pictured with two of his hosts during the project in Greenland.

Living with the Inugguit

25 Nov 2011

In 2010, researcher Stephen Leonard began a 12-month research project, documenting the disappearing oral traditions of the northernmost settled people on Earth. Now a short film about his experiences living with the Inugguit, whose way of life is threatened by climate change, is being released online.

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Huskies by Christine Zenino

Doggie day at the Polar Museum

28 Oct 2011

As the centennial anniversary of the first arctic expeditions to the South Pole is celebrated, the Scott Polar Research Institute paid tribute to the dogs that made the explorations possible as part of Cambridge University’s Festival of Ideas on Wednesday.

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