The last Muslim King in Spain

18 May 2017

The history, myths and legends surrounding the last Muslim ruler in Spain – whose surrender ended seven centuries of Islam at the heart of Western Europe – is the subject of a new book and Hay Festival appearance by Cambridge academic Elizabeth Drayson.

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Flooded coastal forest, New Zealand, 2010

Thinking the unthinkable

09 Oct 2011

It’s the title of a spectacular exhibition currently at Tate Britain, the central theme of Lars von Trier’s forthcoming film Melancholia, and an idea that has gripped human imagination from earliest times. Now Apocalypse – and its cultural interpretation - is also the subject tackled in a new book by a Cambridge University academic in an adventurous trawl through literature and film.

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Pliegos sueltos Diego Corrientes (S743.1.c.8.2)

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08 Mar 2011

A new study of wrongdoing and its cultures in Spain from 1800 to 1936 will explore the fascination of popular versions of crime and other misdemeanours.

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