The power of thinking big

23 May 2012

Population studies on a vast scale are providing the power to enable accurate risk assessment – and intervention – into cardiovascular disease.

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Eating chocolate cuts risk of heart disease

30 Aug 2011

Eating high levels of chocolate could be associated with a significant reduction in the risk of certain cardiovascular disorders, reveals Cambridge research published in the British Medical Journal this week.

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Hearts' empath

High-risk hearts: a South Asian epidemic

30 Jun 2011

Why is heart disease increasing at a greater rate in South Asia than in any other region globally? Large-scale population studies in Pakistan and Bangladesh aim to discover the basis of a little-studied public health problem of epidemic proportions.

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Why more education lowers dementia risk

23 Jul 2010

A team of researchers from the UK and Finland has discovered why people who stay in education longer have a lower risk of developing dementia; a question that has puzzled scientists for the past decade.

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Overall safety of statins confirmed

29 Jun 2010

The use of statins in patients without a prior history of heart attacks and strokes is of little real benefit in preventing deaths in the short term - the largest study of its type to date has found.

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