Secret to night vision found

17 Apr 2009

The night vision abilities of nocturnal animals such as mice is down to the unconventional way that DNA is packaged within the nuclei of specialised cells responsible for low light vision, say Cambridge University researchers.

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The Bose-Einstein condensate

Cool Machines

10 Apr 2009

At about a billionth of a degree above absolute zero, a machine built by the Cold Atoms Group at the Cavendish Laboratory is one of the coolest places on Earth.

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Solar Panels

Sustainable energy – without the hot air

13 Mar 2009

How easy is it to kick our fossil fuel habit? Could Britain live on its own renewables? Professor David Mackay, from the Department of Physics, will offer a straight talking assessment of the numbers behind the UK's need to reduce its energy consumption and move to sustainable energy solutions, in a lecture tonight.

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Centre for the Physics of Medicine

Physics of Medicine

01 Dec 2008

The Grand Opening of the Centre for the Physics of Medicine marks a major development in bringing together researchers working at the interface of physical sciences, life sciences and clinical sciences.

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