The Square Mile by night

Who owns the City?

22 Nov 2011

Foreign investors now own the majority of City of London offices, according to a new study from the Department of Land Economy.

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Food security: your questions answered

31 Aug 2011

Over the past month, the University of Cambridge has been profiling research that addresses one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century – how to guarantee enough food, fairly, for the world’s rapidly expanding population. As part of this, we asked whether you had a question that you wanted us to answer, and put them to a panel of academics who specialise in research to do with food security. Here's what they had to say. Thanks to everyone who sent questions in!

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Douglas Crawford-Brown.

Placing water into the picture for climate change

22 Aug 2011

As World Water Week, an annual week-long global conference on water provision and sustainability, begins in Stockholm, Dr Douglas Crawford-Brown explains how the world needs to prepare for the consequences climate change is likely to have on people's access to this vital resource.

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In soil we trust

14 Jul 2011

Far from being merely ‘dirt’, soil plays a fundamental role in food production, water availability and biodiversity. A new research programme aims to safeguard its future sustainable management.

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Planning schemes still lack woman’s touch

28 Aug 2008

Local authorities are failing to consider women's needs in their planning schemes, more than a year after legislation designed to stop the problem was introduced, a Cambridge University report will reveal today.

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