Unfolding the untold stories of an object d’art

02 Jun 2014

Art historian Dr Meredith Hale reveals that a 17th-century screen, commissioned by the Viceroy of Mexico for a palace designed to impress visitors with the immutability of Spanish rule, is a striking example of a transcultural work of art. In an article for the Burlington Magazine, she traces the many influences that went into its narrative imagery and luxurious embellishment. 

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Putting our House in order

25 Oct 2013

With the Houses of Parliament requiring costly renovation, new research suggests we may have something to learn from plans in the 1730s to rebuild the Palace of Westminster.

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Hours of Marie de St Pol

Magical illuminations

01 Nov 2010

Art historian Professor Paul Binski describes his ventures into the gold-embellished world of illuminated manuscripts.

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