Stirring tails of evolution

01 May 2009

Researchers in Cambridge are studying how the generation of fluid flow by organisms may have played a role in the evolution of biological complexity.

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Green Algae

Scientists discover ‘dancing’ algae

21 Apr 2009

Scientists at Cambridge University have discovered that freshwater algae can form stable groupings in which they dance around each other, miraculously held together only by the fluid flows they create. Their research was published today in the journal Physical Review Letters

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Centre for the Physics of Medicine

Physics of Medicine

01 Dec 2008

The Grand Opening of the Centre for the Physics of Medicine marks a major development in bringing together researchers working at the interface of physical sciences, life sciences and clinical sciences.

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New Classroom

Schools get valuable lesson on disease dynamics

04 Jul 2008

Teenagers from two schools visited the Centre for Mathematical Sciences this week to show how they'd unearthed valuable data on disease dynamics during a nine-month research initiative organised by the Millennium Mathematics Project in partnership with the Disease Dynamics Research Group, and funded by the Wellcome Trust.

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The mathematics of avalanches

01 Sep 2007

Each year more than a million avalanches fall worldwide, killing around a hundred people in the Alps alone. Can mathematical models be used to predict and prevent these disasters?

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