White-headed Capuchin

Monkey business

01 Jun 2007

Ground-breaking discoveries by two Cambridge researchers have placed monkey behaviour closer to humans than had previously been thought. Dr Antonio Moura and Paco Bertolani, both in the Department of Biological Anthropology, have uncovered previously unseen behaviour that could have implications for understanding human evolution.

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Opera Lwowska

A life on the opera stage

17 May 2007

One of the most distinguished sopranos of her generation will visit Cambridge this evening to speak about her life and career with the world's foremost opera companies.

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Charles Darwin

5000 Darwin letters go online

17 May 2007

"The scheme is a most magnificent one. We spend about two years in South America, the rest of time larking round the world,"; said a young Charles Darwin in a letter to a friend, written as he waited to board the Beagle.

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Cells make meal of Huntington's disease

08 May 2007

University of Cambridge researchers have developed a novel strategy to tackle neurodegenerative diseases such as Huntington's disease: encouraging an individuals own cells to “eat” the malformed proteins that lead to the disease.

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French Fries

Medical Research Council Human Nutrition Research

01 Apr 2007

Unravelling the complex interactions between the food we eat, our genetic make-up and the environment around us is important for addressing key public health issues. Research at the Medical Research Council (MRC) Collaborative Centre for Human Nutrition Research (HNR) aims to do just this – by combining observational population-based studies and controlled dietary intervention with mechanistic research at the physiological, metabolic, cellular and genomic levels.

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