Planning schemes still lack woman’s touch

28 Aug 2008

Local authorities are failing to consider women's needs in their planning schemes, more than a year after legislation designed to stop the problem was introduced, a Cambridge University report will reveal today.

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Land of the (early) rising sun

20 Aug 2008

They say that early to bed, early to rise, makes one healthy, wealthy and wise; but in Japan, it may also be feeding a nationalist revival not seen since World War II.

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Mclaren F1 Lewis Hamilton

Secrets of the inerter revealed

19 Aug 2008

A Cambridge University invention which was kept a closely-guarded secret because of the hidden advantage it offered to a Formula 1 racing team is finally being made available for widespread use.

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Stacking practice bombs

Gender equality on the slide?

06 Aug 2008

Support for gender equality in Britain and the US appears to have peaked and could now be going into decline, research at Cambridge University has revealed.

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