Cambridge University at the Edinburgh Fringe

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the world's largest performing arts festival, is set to showcase the vibrant and diverse talent of Cambridge University students once again this August.

From improvised comedy to sketch shows and thought-provoking dramas, Cambridge's performers are ready to captivate audiences with their exceptional skills and creativity.

Nothing More To Say

"Experimental, audacious and cocky"
Broadway World

Charli Cowgill (King's College) and Laurie Ward (Jesus College) take their theatrical double act, Nothing More To Say, up to the Fringe in their award-nominated debut, '52 Monologues for Young Transsexuals'.

Describing themselves as “dramaturgical dominatrixes”, this debut Fringe show offers an hour of theatre and cabaret, where the duo get sleepover-honest about bodies, sex, and love.

Armed with dance moves and lots of baby oil, Cowgill and Ward lead audiences through a fever dream of hilarious and gut-wrenching confessions. Swinging from pleasure to pagan ritual, from Barbara Streisand to BDSM.

And no – there are no actual monologues…

Dates: Aug 2-12, 14-28 | Time: 15:20 | Venue: Pleasance Courtyard
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"The most renowned sketch troupe of them all"
The Independent

Cambridge Footlights, the acclaimed student comedy society that has launched the careers of numerous British comedic legends, is poised to take this year's Festival by storm with three shows.

Their International Tour Show, 'The Search Continues', will see five of Cambridge's finest up-and-coming comedians traveling across the UK to find their sixth member from the audience. Through their best sketches and side-splitting performances, they aim to recruit the perfect addition to their comedic ensemble.

Dates: Aug 2-8, 10-20, 22-28 | Time: 18:30 | Venue: Pleasance Dome
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A second show, 'Footlights: Leftovers,' is a compilation of tried and tested material from various shows, including their recent Spring Revue. From historical satire to comic songs, 'Leftovers' promises to offer a taste of the upper crust of comedy.

Dates: Aug 4-12, 14-19 | Time: Times vary by day | Venue: theSpace on the Mile
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For those seeking a mix of stand-up, songs, sketches and more, there's the 'Free Footlights' show. With a different line-up every night, this hour-long performance provides an opportunity for current students and alumni to shine on stage. The best part? It's completely free, allowing Fringe-goers to indulge in a diverse range of comedic talent every day without breaking the bank.

Dates: Aug 3-13, 15-27 | Time: 22:10 | Venue: Just the Tonic at Grassmarket Centre
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Cambridge University Amateur Dramatic Club

Not to be outdone, the Cambridge University Amateur Dramatic Club (CUADC) will present 'Four Cut Sunflowers', a play that sheds light on the incredible true story of Johanna Van Gogh-Bonger.

Founded in 1855, CUADC is the oldest student dramatic society in the country and supports more than 20 productions a year. It's been the starting place of many well-known figures in the theatre industry including Simon Russell Beale, Tom Hiddleston, Rachel Weisz and Tilda Swinton.

'Four Cut Sunflowers', set in the mid-19th century amidst political and cultural revolution, explores Johanna's journey as a widow left with an inheritance of 400 unsold paintings, a one-year-old baby and a determination to change the world.

The play delves into themes of grief, desire, guilt and duty whilst illuminating the woman who had long been overshadowed by Vincent Van Gogh.

Dates: Aug 14-19, 21-26 | Time: 20:40 | Venue: theSpace @ Surgeons Hall
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Cambridge Impronauts

"The most fun comedy show I’ve been to in a long while"

Another group leading the charge up North is the Cambridge Impronauts, the oldest and largest improvised comedy troupe in Cambridge.

With their daily dose of short-form shenanigans, the Impronauts promise to deliver an hour of scenes, stories and skits, all brought to life in real time based on the whims and fancies of their wonderful audience.

This interactive experience allows spectators to shout out ideas, while the Impronauts work their magic to create a night filled with wit, energy, and hilarity. Whether you're longing for medieval monarchic dreams or simply seeking a post-lunch comedy digestif, the Impronauts have got you covered.

Dates: Aug 2-27 | Time: 13:40 | Venue: Gilded Balloon Patter Hoose
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University Musical Theatre Society

"A spectacle of talent"

The Cambridge University Musical Theatre Society (CUMTS) will also be making its mark with a brand new production, 'Palindrome: The Musical'.

CUMTS are no strangers to the Fringe, taking an original musical to the Festival every year. They've had many successful runs with productions including Six’ (now on West End and Broadway) and ‘Rust’ (winner of the Best Musical at The Fringe 2019).

'Palindrome: The Musical' is set in a not-so-distant future and revolves around Hannah, who works in a packaging warehouse in the town of Glen Elg. Hannah sees the world backwards and faces challenges such as missing love letters, mother-daughter conflict, and an ever-growing pile of boxes.

Through an original pop-rock score, 'Palindrome' explores over-consumption, unrequited love, and the power of communication in a changing world.

Dates: Aug 14-26 | Time: 16:50 | Venue: theSpace @ Niddry St
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Ed: the new, totally unofficial, ginger-inclusive parody sketch show

"Hilarious lyrics …  Instantly in stitches"

Accompanied by a glittering live band and fresh from two sold-out London and Cambridge runs, don’t miss the Fringe premiere of Ed: the parody sketch show charting the story of a ginger pop sensation. Can Ed deal with fame, fortune and being ginger?

Originally written and co-produced as the 'Magdalene Musical' in 2022 by Magdalene College students, Alexander Mentzel, James Carroll and Katie Kasperson, Ed combines joyful comedy and first-class musical talent.

From busking outside your nan’s favourite pub to sold out stadium tours (alongside a lucky audience member), can Ed deal with fame, fortune and being ginger? Will he avoid the rat-pack Music Mafia trying to co-opt his talent?

A cheeky and raucous night out, championing auburn culture in an iconic Edinburgh venue.

Dates: Aug 4-19 | Time: 21:50 | Venue: ZOO Playground
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The continued Cambridge presence at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe is a testament to the university's commitment to building an environment where students are able to discover, nurture and showcase their talents.

With the Cambridge Impronauts, Cambridge Footlights, CUADC, CUMTS and Nothing More To Say taking centre stage, audiences can expect another Fringe summer of entertaining, thought-provoking, and laughter-filled performances.

From comedic legends to captivating narratives, Cambridge University continues to prove its status as a cultural hotspot for artistic expression and talent.

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