Shock-absorbing 'goo' discovered in bone

24 Mar 2014

New findings show that much of the mineral from which bone is made consists of ‘goo’ trapped between tiny crystals, lubricating and allowing movement. It is this flexibility that stops bones from shattering.

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Galactic ‘vapour trails’ uncovered in giant cluster

20 Sep 2013

Astronomers have discovered enormous smooth shapes that look like vapour trails in a gigantic galaxy cluster. These ‘arms’ span half a million light years and provide researchers with clues to a billion years of collisions within the “giant cosmic train wreck” of the Coma cluster.

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Reassembling the backbone of life using a particle accelerator

14 Jan 2013

New research shows for the first time the intricate three-dimensional structure of the backbone in the earliest four-legged animals (tetrapods).

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Lawrence Bragg, Cambridge circa 1913

How a young Cambridge graduate changed the path of modern science

15 Nov 2012

In 1912 a young graduate working in Cambridge University’s Cavendish Laboratory made a breakthrough that represents the birth of x-ray crystallography. Professor Sir John Meurig Thomas tells the remarkable story of the career of Lawrence Bragg, youngest-ever winner of a Nobel prize.

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