Falcon is a Content Management Service that creates individual hosted websites in a managed environment, ready templated in the University house style and with a range of functionality already available. It is run by the University Information Services (Computing) built on the Plone platform. Two-part introductory training courses and a follow-up course are available every month, bookable online.

To request information about getting your site set-up in Falcon (with the new templates integrated) please email falcon-support@ucs.cam.ac.uk or browse the Falcon support site.


Drupal is used by University Information Services (Management Information) to deploy the University's homepage, a few thousand pages of content that make up the /research, /news sections along with other core top-level content. A Drupal theme is being developed to cater for additional content areas - more information is available from http://www.misd.admin.cam.ac.uk/services-development/cms-development-and-web-experience-managment.