Climate change is affecting the planet at an alarming pace. To respond to this threat, we need to build resilience, make the transition from fossil fuels to a carbon zero future, act sustainably to protect the planet's precious resources and reduce waste.

An extra vegetarian option cuts meat consumption without denting food sales

01 October 2019

First major study on “nudging” people towards sustainable diets shows replacing a meat or fish dish with another veggie option in college cafeterias dramatically increases herbivorous dining.

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Niah-Cave, Borneo

Re-thinking the past, present and future

01 February 2007

Understanding our biological past is a tricky business. It's like trying to build a jigsaw puzzle when most of the pieces are missing. However,...

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Lecture: The Prince of Wales's Business & the Environment Programme

31 January 2007 H Lee Scott, CEO of Wal-Mart Stores Inc., will be in London today to deliver the London Lecture of The Prince of Wales's Business & the... Read more

Cambridge scientists lay groundwork for safer nuclear waste storage

11 January 2007 Mineral-based waste forms could enable safer, cheaper and more publicly acceptable disposal. Read more

Energy survey reveals gap between attitudes and action

20 December 2006 A new survey of public attitudes towards energy and the environment has shown a clear divergence between people’s views as citizens and their actions... Read more

Gonville & Caius expands for the 21st century

17 October 2006 Gonville & Caius College opened the doors to its brand new student residence and conference centre at 5 West Road this term, marking the most... Read more
It's a jungle out there

New post to spearhead research into saving biological diversity

13 October 2006

A ground-breaking professorship that will unify research into how to tackle the Earth’s waning biological diversity is to be created at the...

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Coastal communities face greater threat of flooding due to land reclamation

01 September 2006 Seafront communities are being left wide open to the risk of flooding because of the loss of coastal ecosystems, a Cambridge academic has warned. Read more
Oriental white backed vulture (Gyps bengalensis)

Endangered vultures at risk from tainted cows

21 August 2006

Asian vultures are at risk of lethal kidney failure if they feed from carcasses of a cow that died after treatment with the anti-inflammatory drug...

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Coral Reef at Palmyra Atoll National Wildlife Refuge

Researchers appeal for new regulations to save coral reefs from live fish trade

04 August 2006

Researchers are calling for tighter controls on the live reef fish trade, a growing threat to coral reefs, in letters to the international journal...

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