Climate change is affecting the planet at an alarming pace. To respond to this threat, we need to build resilience, make the transition from fossil fuels to a carbon zero future, act sustainably to protect the planet's precious resources and reduce waste.

Sir David Attenborough: "Our planet hangs in the balance"

18 November 2019

Forests burn, glaciers melt and one million species face extinction. Can we humans save the planet from ourselves? Here, Sir David Attenborough speaks to us about the climate crisis and his hopes for the future. His words begin our new focus on Sustainable Earth, looking at how we transition to a carbon zero future, protect the planet's resources, reduce waste and build resilience.

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Electronic solid could reduce carbon emissions in fridges and air conditioners

09 October 2019

A promising replacement for the toxic and flammable greenhouse gases that are used in most refrigerators and air conditioners has been identified...

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An extra vegetarian option cuts meat consumption without denting food sales

01 October 2019

First major study on “nudging” people towards sustainable diets shows replacing a meat or fish dish with another veggie option in college...

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Weather board at Cambridge University Botanic Garden showing data for 25 July 2019

Cambridge vs climate change | Vice-Chancellor's blog

20 September 2019

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Stephen J Toope, kicks off a global day of action with a discussion on the University’s efforts to tackle climate...

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Removing beef and lamb from menu dramatically reduces food-related carbon emissions at Cambridge University

10 September 2019

A Sustainable Food Policy at the University of Cambridge, which includes removing beef and lamb from the menu and promoting plant-based food...

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Vintage film reveals Antarctic glacier melting

03 September 2019

Newly available archival film has revealed the eastern ice shelf of Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica is melting faster than previous estimates,...

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A forest on fire.

Climate change to shrink economies of rich, poor, hot and cold countries alike unless Paris Agreement holds

19 August 2019

Study suggests that 7% of global GDP will disappear by 2100 as a result of business-as-usual carbon emissions, including over 10% of incomes in...

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University of Cambridge adopts Science Based Target for carbon reduction

25 July 2019

Cambridge has become the first university in the world to announce that it has adopted a 1.5 degrees Science Based Target for carbon reduction,...

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Opinion: Betting on speculative geoengineering may risk an escalating ‘climate debt crisis’

18 July 2019

Professor Mike Hulme and Dr Shinichiro Asayama from Cambridge's Department of Geography discuss the climate 'debt crisis' and why geoengineering...

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