Putting public health research into practice has had major impacts worldwide, resulting in longer, healthier lives.

Diabetes doubles risk of heart attack and strokes

25 Jun 2010

Having diabetes doubles the risk of developing a wide range of blood vessel diseases, including heart attacks and different types of stroke...

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Major new study into brain ageing

25 May 2010

Efforts to understand the effects of ageing on the brain have been given a major boost with the announcement of a new £5m grant from the...

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Tackling obesity and diabetes: Institute of Metabolic Science

01 May 2010

The rising prevalence of obesity, diabetes and related disorders is an epidemic of global proportions. Research at the Institute of Metabolic Science...

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Cancer: what's on the cards?

04 Jan 2010

Scientists at Strangeways Research Laboratory are leading the search for the ‘genetic cards’ that determine an individual’s risk of cancer.

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Fattening up the kids

Genetic studies reveal new causes of severe obesity in childhood

07 Dec 2009

Scientists in Cambridge have discovered that loss of a key segment of DNA can lead to severe childhood obesity. This is the first study to show that...

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The Cambridge BioResource: the study of health and disease

01 Sep 2009

Cambridge BioResource provides a new approach to understanding why some of us suffer from certain common diseases while others don't.

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Maternity Ward

Decrease in delivery-related infant deaths in Scotland

14 Aug 2009

A study has shown that over the last 20 years there has been a sharp decline in infant deaths during delivery for pregnancies which went to term. The...

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DNA - Red

Genetic link to increased risk of ovarian cancer found

03 Aug 2009

Scientists have located a region of DNA which – when altered – can increase the risk of ovarian cancer, according to research published in Nature...

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Myths dispelled on age-related Alzheimer’s

28 May 2009

Having the brain changes of Alzheimer's disease is not necessarily associated with dementia in very elderly people, according to a new study.

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Obesity and diabetes in pregnancy: a vicious circle?

01 Apr 2009

A complex interplay of prenatal and postnatal factors determines the risk of childhood obesity and diabetes during later life.

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metastatic breast cancer in pleural fluid

Cambridge gene hunters find two new breast cancer genes

30 Mar 2009

Two new regions of the human genome linked to breast cancer have been found by an international team of scientists led by Cambridge University...

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Improving cognitive ability through education and health may cut dementia risk

27 Mar 2009

Improvements in education and health could reduce the number of elderly people who suffer from dementia, according to the first study in England to...

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