Immigration and migration, and the issues that surround them, have become symbolic of the 21st century.

The Cap Arcona ocean liner, used by the Hamburg-South America line until World War II

Germany in a global context

29 Mar 2011

A new perspective on German history is changing the way in which we see the country's present, as well as its past.

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South Asian studies in the age of globalisation

17 Mar 2011

The Centre of South Asian Studies fosters a vibrant University-wide research community whose interests span the societies of India, Pakistan...

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Siberian timber being delivered to China

Where empires meet

17 Mar 2011

How two ‘rising powers’ – China and Russia – interact across the border they share with resource-rich Mongolia is the focus of a network led by the...

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Britain's island heritage: half a million years of history

01 Nov 2009

The latest instalment of a 20-year study to understand how Britain became an island completes a tale of megafloods and super-rivers.

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Field of Wheat in Albania

Prehistoric migrants spread farming in Europe

04 Sep 2009

Central and northern Europe's first farmers were immigrants with barely any ancestral ties to the modern population, a study has found.

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Rethinking eccentricity

01 May 2009

Miranda Gill traces shifting 19th-century perceptions of eccentricity, from its association with the intoxicating lure of modernity and fashion to...

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look of innocence

Muslim women face two-fronted struggle for equality

28 Jan 2009

European Muslim women are proud to live in and belong to Europe, despite facing a daily struggle against prejudice from both within and outside their...

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The new geography of personality

01 Jan 2009

Jason Rentfrow explains how analysis of over three-quarters of a million online surveys has been used to build a "map" of the USA.

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Alexander the Great

Weaving a web of world history

01 Sep 2008

For five researchers embarking on the project ‘Civilizations in Contact’, finding the links between each of their specialist fields will provide...

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River Dicle from Hasankeyf

Endangered dialects of Aramaic

01 Sep 2008

Current estimates suggest that a language dies every two weeks. Here, Geoffrey Khan describes the documentation of a group of dialects before they...

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Odessa placard celebrating diversity

Cosmopolitan cities of Eurasia

01 May 2008

Research on the changing face of Eurasian cities - formerly famous for cosmopolitanism and now crossroads of migration - hopes to provide an...

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Research suggests single African origin of humans

19 Jul 2007

New research at the University of Cambridge claims to have compelling new evidence that humans stem from the same single point of origin.

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