A mental health crisis is looming, affecting individuals, communities and economies worldwide. Cambridge researchers are advancing understanding of mental illness and wellbeing – and putting this into practice.

Children sitting on park bench

High insulin levels during childhood a risk for mental health problems later in life, study suggests

13 Jan 2021

Researchers have shown that the link between physical and mental illness is closer than previously thought. Certain changes in physical health, which...

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Mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness can improve mental health and wellbeing – but unlikely to work for everyone

11 Jan 2021

Mindfulness courses can reduce anxiety, depression and stress and increase mental wellbeing within most but not all non-clinical settings, say a team...

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11 hip-hop artists who had something to say about mental health

09 Dec 2020

How hip hop artists are opening up about their struggles with depression and anxiety, helping reduce stigma and encouraging others to seek support.

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Child looking out of a window

Significant increase in depression seen among children during first lockdown

08 Dec 2020

The first lockdown led to a significant increase in symptoms of depression among children, highlighting the unintended consequences of school...

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Beyond the pandemic: overhaul back-to-work policies to protect mental health

25 Nov 2020

Dr Adam Coutts, an expert in labour market interventions, discusses three policy options for responding to the unemployment crisis caused by the...

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Network of fibres

Marmoset study finds single brain region linking depression and anxiety, heart disease, and people’s sensitivity to treatment

26 Oct 2020

Over-activity in a single brain region called the subgenual anterior cingulate cortex (sgACC) underlies several key symptoms of mood and anxiety...

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One in six children has a probable mental disorder, according to new report

23 Oct 2020

The proportion of children experiencing a probable mental disorder has increased over the past three years, from one in nine in 2017 to one in six in...

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Tackling COVID-19: Professor Sarah-Jayne Blakemore

22 Oct 2020

Her plans to study the effects of social isolation on adolescents have become particularly pertinent this year. Sarah-Jayne Blakemore is a cognitive...

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Beyond the pandemic: find better ways to talk about death

08 Sep 2020

COVID-19 has forced millions of people to confront the prospect of dying earlier than they expected and under extraordinary circumstances. Now more...

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Lockdown led to happiness rebound, after wellbeing plunged with onset of pandemic

27 Jul 2020

New study is among the first to distinguish effects of the pandemic from effects of lockdown when it comes to wellbeing in Britain.

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Furlough ‘stemmed the tide’ of poor mental health during UK lockdown, study suggests

24 Jul 2020

Researchers say the UK government should ask employers to share out reduced hours rather than lose workers, in order to mitigate a looming mental...

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People in England’s poorest towns ‘lose over a decade of good health’, research finds

17 Jun 2020

Cambridge researchers find major health inequalities – as well as a geographic divide – between the most and least deprived English towns. They say...

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