The application of new ideas, discoveries and inventions contributes to society and the economy nationally and globally.

Human egg injected with sperm

Selecting the fittest embryos for survival

10 August 2011

Researchers at the University of Cambridge have developed a new technique which could significantly increase success rates of pregnancies and...

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Phone home

Intelligent airports and greener smart phones: award-winning Cambridge innovation

13 April 2011

Two Cambridge researchers have received prizes at the ICT Pioneers awards for their groundbreaking approach to modern problems.

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Happy young business woman shaking hands with another female

What is knowledge transfer?

27 May 2009

Knowledge transfer (KT) is a term used to encompass a very broad range of activities to support mutually beneficial collaborations between...

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Culture Tubes

A novel way to model endometriosis

01 January 2009

A recently patented invention holds promise for understanding a debilitating disease that affects two million women in the UK.

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DNA sculpture at Centre for Life

Superfast genomes move a step closer to reality

20 November 2008

The first Asian and African human genomes have been deciphered using a technique originally invented by Professors Shankar Balasubramanian and...

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Mclaren F1 Lewis Hamilton

Secrets of the inerter revealed

19 August 2008

A Cambridge University invention which was kept a closely-guarded secret because of the hidden advantage it offered to a Formula 1 racing team is...

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My eye

New test may lead to early diagnosis of devastating eye condition

24 July 2008

A test to show whether a person may be genetically predisposed to suffer one of the most prevalent forms of blindness in the elderly - before...

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Lumora: how a firefly sparked a solution to food safety

01 April 2007

Food safety is a growing problem. The number of reported food poisoning cases in the UK has increased in the past 25 years from 23,000 to 80,000...

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