Combating infectious diseases and the threat of antimicrobial resistance remains one of the greatest global challenges.

New Classroom

Schools get valuable lesson on disease dynamics

04 Jul 2008

Teenagers from two schools visited the Centre for Mathematical Sciences this week to show how they'd unearthed valuable data on disease dynamics...

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Influenza virus particle

Cambridge Infectious Diseases initiative launched

01 May 2008

Cambridge Infectious Diseases (CID), officially launched this month, is bringing together the expertise of Cambridge to address the challenge of...

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Parasites: the master manipulators

01 Sep 2007

The common view has been that parasitic infections cause disease and must be eliminated. But can we live without them?

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Trachoma testing in a Masai tribe community

Two worlds, same needs, one solution

01 Apr 2007

A new test meets the diagnostic needs of resource-poor settings in both worlds.

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Strategy helps eliminate blindness

11 Aug 2006

By promoting better hygiene, health education and donated antibiotics, blindness could be drastically reduced, according to an article by a...

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