From microscopic cells to massive galaxies, imaging is a core tool for many research fields today, and it’s also the basis of a surge in recent technical developments – some of which are being pioneered in Cambridge.


Under the Microscope #1 & #2 - Small things, big thinking

19 Jan 2012

Using an electron microscope it’s possible for the human eye to see in minute detail the foot of the fruit fly – an appendage that is just about the...

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Human egg injected with sperm

Selecting the fittest embryos for survival

10 Aug 2011

Researchers at the University of Cambridge have developed a new technique which could significantly increase success rates of pregnancies and reduce...

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Intestinal cells

Stem cell casino

18 Mar 2011

A shake of the dice and a nod from the neighbour – new facets of stem cell biology uncovered when methods in theoretical physics were used to solve a...

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New imaging technology predicts fracture risk

27 Oct 2010

A new method for identifying which bones have a high risk of fracture, and for monitoring the effectiveness of new bone-strengthening drugs and...

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RSC busts

Royal Society announces new Fellows

21 May 2010

Seven Cambridge researchers are among the 44 new Fellows announced by the Royal Society this week.

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Slot Machine

Near misses are like winning to problem gamblers

04 May 2010

The brains of problem gamblers react more intensely to near misses than casual gamblers, new research from the University of Cambridge has found. The...

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Magneto-active porous materials get close to the bone

01 May 2010

The most common cause of artificial joint failure is loosening of the prosthetic implant. Dr Athina Markaki is designing materials to anchor them...

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Brain imaging

Beliefs, predictions and shortcuts in the deceitful brain

01 May 2010

Professor Paul Fletcher believes that exploring how the brain makes predictions about the world will help us to understand mental illness.

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nematode worm

Striking similarities between chips, worms and brains

22 Apr 2010

Scientists have discovered "striking similarities" between human brains, the nervous system of the nematode worm Caenorhabditis elegans and computer...

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Perseus alpha x-rays

Royal Astronomical Society announces honours

21 Jan 2010

Cambridge academics have been honoured for their outstanding contribution to astronomy by the Royal Astronomical Society (RAS).

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Cut-and-paste cancer: lymphoma’s genetic blueprint

04 Jan 2010

Researchers in the Department of Pathology have established precisely how the ‘cutting and pasting’ of genetic material from one chromosome to...

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Watching cancer cells eat, breathe and die

04 Jan 2010

Cancer cells can now be viewed as never before, thanks to cutting-edge imaging tools being developed in Cambridge.

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