The task of ensuring affordable access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food for all is one of the major challenges of the 21st century.

Ammophila Ammophila

Biofuel from inedible plant material easier to produce

13 Sep 2010

Researchers have discovered key plant enzymes that normally make the energy stored in wood, straw, and other non-edible parts of plants difficult to...

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Prize Pig

Towards a ‘super-vaccine’ for swine bacterial diseases

01 Mar 2010

A new multidisciplinary research programme aims to develop a single vaccine that will combat four major respiratory pathogens of pigs.

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Household takes refuge from the rain in central Malawi

Famine’s changing face

01 Jan 2010

Dr Zoltán Tiba’s research on why famines happen is posing questions about the root causes and possible long-term interventions.

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Supercharged rice: the answer to famine?

26 May 2009

An ambitious project that aims to increase rice yields could provide the solution to future food shortages.

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Unravelling the secrets of Salmonella infection

01 May 2009

Two new studies have uncovered important clues about how a prolific pathogen causes disease.

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Completing the jigsaw: multidrug resistance in bacteria

01 Apr 2009

The discovery of an elusive pump component opens up new avenues to understand and combat multidrug-resistant bacteria.

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Clockwork plants

01 May 2008

How do plants tell the time and the passing of the seasons? Plant scientists are enlisting the help of engineers in their quest to uncover the...

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