How research partnerships are offering innovative approaches to make the most of the region’s assets and tackle its more pressing challenges

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The Blind Beggar and his Grand-daughter

Benefiting from history

24 Feb 2012

A Cambridge academic’s research into the final days of the Old English Poor Law has thrown up some remarkable parallels to today’s welfare state –...

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Modelling the root of crop disease

11 Jul 2011

Mathematical modelling is an important weapon in the armoury against crop disease, as plant epidemiologists demonstrated when they turned their...

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Excerpt from Middleton Baptism Register 1821

Cabbage gelder, cut throat of pigs, or man trap?

31 Mar 2011

Faced with filling in the 2011 census form plenty of people will be tempted to put frivolous answers into the boxes asking for details about their...

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Expanded support programme will boost growth in Eastern region

10 Jan 2011

A new enterprise and innovation programme will enable businesses and jobs to be created across the Eastern region, it has been announced.

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Just press print

01 Jul 2010

An academic industrial consortium is developing the scientific know-how to underpin a printing revolution.

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Children's Literature

Children's literature comes of age

01 May 2010

A new Centre for Children’s Literature is providing a focus for research on how children are shaped by early encounters with books and film.

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Simply leaf

Promoting green innovation

01 Feb 2010

A regional knowledge transfer project is linking the region's top plant science research with businesses wanting to develop new products.

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Cambridge confirmed as global leader in health science

09 Mar 2009

The strength of Cambridge as a globally-competitive centre for biomedical research, clinical education and healthcare innovation was confirmed today...

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drawing CAD

Designing sustainable cities of the future

01 May 2008

As more people become city-dwellers, can we design cities to be more sustainable?

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You are what you eat: Investigating nutrition and cancer

01 Apr 2007

We all know that a good diet is key to good health, but it's now clear that certain foods we eat can unmask underlying susceptibilities to cancer.

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