Digital technologies are opening up new fields of study and generating research questions that breach traditional disciplinary boundaries.

Genizah fragment

Ancient Bible fragments reveal a forgotten history

10 Jan 2011

New research has uncovered a forgotten chapter in the history of the Bible, offering a rare glimpse of Byzantine Jewish life and culture.

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Shahnama (c.1435)

The Book of Kings: the epic continues

01 Nov 2010

A millennium after its completion, an epic Persian poem is providing the springboard for a new centre of Persian studies in Cambridge.

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Kalhu from A.H. Layard 'A Second Series of the Monuments of Nineveh' (1853)

Reading the world’s oldest libraries

01 Nov 2010

Examples of the world’s oldest science and literature – 2,500-year-old clay writing tablets – hold clues as to how ancient scholars acquired and used...

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Extract from the 1641 Depositions at Trinity College Dublin Library

Eyewitness accounts of 1641 Irish rebellion released

25 Oct 2010

The first-hand testimonies of thousands of people who witnessed the bloody rebellion that paved the way for centuries of sectarian conflict in...

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English collage

Reading closely: Faculty of English

01 May 2010

Close scrutiny of text is the bedrock of a research culture that spans practically the whole range of contemporary English studies.

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15th-century manuscript

A scriptorium of commonplace books

01 May 2010

A digital archive of 500-year-old 'filofaxes' offers extraordinary insight into early thought and writing practices.

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Recitation of oral texts

Voices of vanishing worlds

28 Sep 2009

A new project is recording and making accessible the endangered oral literatures of indigenous peoples before they are lost forever.

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Ben Ezra Synagogue

Treasures of the genizah

01 Sep 2009

How did an Egyptian storeroom come to hold a thousand years worth of manuscript fragments and why are they one of the greatest literary treasures...

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Ski jump, Alfred Hugh Fisher, 1867-1945

Digital Cambridge takes off

01 May 2008

Are you keen to make your research more widely visible or store and preserve your digital material?

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Winsor and Newton catalogue with painted samples

Gems of colour: pigments of the ‘Colourmen’

08 Feb 2008

Dragon’s Blood, Purple of Cassius and Scarlet Lake – all pigments concocted by the 19th-century 'Colourmen' of Winsor & Newton artists’ suppliers...

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A version of Shahnama: a battle between Iran and Turan

Bringing together the Book of Kings

08 Feb 2008

The Shahnama Project is building a powerful online resource that will stimulate research and interest in Persian cultural history.

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Defining words

01 Sep 2007

Two very different projects in the University have at their heart the ancient craft of lexicography: the art of compiling and editing dictionaries...

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