Find out how University of Cambridge researchers and experts are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cambridge game ‘pre-bunks’ COVID-19 conspiracies as part of the UK government’s fight against fake news

11 October 2020

Go Viral! is a new game developed in partnership between the UK Government and the University of Cambridge to help fight the ‘infodemic’: the deluge of false information about COVID-19.

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Tackling COVID-19: Professor Sarah-Jayne Blakemore

22 Oct 2020

Her plans to study the effects of social isolation on adolescents have become particularly pertinent this year. Sarah-Jayne Blakemore is a cognitive...

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Unexpected experiences: Stephen J Toope concludes the series with a sense of optimism for the future

22 Oct 2020

"It fills me with enormous gratitude that – at the moment of greatest challenge – our collegiate community rallied and rose to the occasion."

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“We’re in it for the long haul”

21 Oct 2020

In late 2019, a new institute opened on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus. Its timing could not have been better - as the COVID-19 pandemic sent...

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Lockdown or not, personality predicts your likelihood of staying home during the pandemic

15 Oct 2020

Despite more of the population staying at home as government policies on COVID-19 become stricter, a study has found that a person’s personality...

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Protesters at a 'Reopen' rally in Harrisburg, PA, USA

Popular COVID-19 conspiracies linked to vaccine ‘hesitancy’

14 Oct 2020

An international study finds that people who rate coronavirus conspiracy theories as more reliable are much less likely to say they will get...

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Unexpected experiences: Catherine Arnold reflects on a curious first year as Master of St Edmund's College

09 Oct 2020

What links two large furry Loch Ness Monsters, key-cards, and donning a gown to eat pot noodles? The answer is the unexpected creativity that...

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School pupils in Oman reading with their teacher. Image: Cambridge Partnership for Education

New partnership to provide expertise on global education reform

06 Oct 2020

A new Cambridge Partnership for Education will help governments and organisations across the world reimagine public education systems for the future.

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Unexpected experiences: Meet the volunteers behind the masks at the Cambridge Testing Centre

05 Oct 2020

They juggled their jobs and sacrificed sleep to volunteer at the Cambridge Testing Centre, a collaboration between the University, AstraZeneca and...

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Many ventilation systems may increase risk of COVID-19 exposure, study suggests

29 Sep 2020

Ventilation systems in many modern office buildings, which are designed to keep temperatures comfortable and increase energy efficiency, may increase...

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Is Manaus, Brazil, the first city to reach herd immunity?

29 Sep 2020

Prof Gordon Dougan looks at reports suggesting herd immunity could be achieved in Manaus, a city that has fascinated him since childhood.

Unexpected experiences: Sam Lucy takes us behind the scenes of the recent admissions process

25 Sep 2020

Assessing undergraduate admissions was likely to be a very different process in a pandemic, let alone with a changing landscape of cancelled exams...

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Beyond the pandemic: rethink the menu and how much it costs

24 Sep 2020

Boris Johnson has urged the country “to lose weight to beat coronavirus” through exercise and healthy eating. Dr Jean Adams suggests that food...

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