Life on Earth is at risk from an unprecedented rate of environmental change that threatens the natural resources on which we depend.


Trawling survives selling previously discarded fish

03 August 2010

Fishermen barely eking out a profit because of overfishing of their target stock, shrimp, are now surviving by selling their bycatch (the low-...

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Elephant family - Masai Mara

Large mammals declining in Africa’s parks

13 July 2010

African national parks such as Masai Mara and the Serengeti have seen populations of large mammals decline by up to 59 per cent, Cambridge...

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All abuzz about petals

01 May 2010

The amazing diversity of flowers is a biological mystery that has long intrigued scientists. Dr Beverley Glover explains how new understanding of...

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Red Canoes at Lake Louise

New research shows a global trend in nature-based tourism

29 June 2009

A new study out today found that many nations throughout the world, including the United Kingdom, are seeing an annual increase in visitors to...

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Heliconius melpomene

On the wings of a butterfly

01 May 2009

Since Darwin’s time, Amazonian butterflies have intrigued biologists as examples of evolution in action.

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Vulpia grass

Displaying the foundations of evolutionary thinking

01 May 2009

Collaboration between the University Herbarium and Microsoft Research Ltd has made a unique botanical collection available to a world-wide...

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Cambridge Conservation Initiative

01 May 2009

The Cambridge Conservation Initiative (CCI) is a new and pioneering partnership formed by the University of Cambridge and leading conservation...

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Plan to conserve forests may be detrimental to other ecosystems

12 June 2008

Conserving biodiversity must be considered when developing plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation, researchers warn in today’...

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Cod history

01 May 2008

The humble cod may be about to have its biggest impact on history since sparking “war” with Iceland in 1972.

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