Cambridge researchers have long worked with African colleagues on issues that matter not just to the continent but to the world.

King Faisal Hospital, Kigali

Gates scholars suggest way forward for Rwanda's leading hospital

23 Oct 2009

Expensive medical equipment is lying unused in Rwanda's leading hospital because it costs too much to use it, a report by enterprising students has...

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Red Canoes at Lake Louise

New research shows a global trend in nature-based tourism

29 Jun 2009

A new study out today found that many nations throughout the world, including the United Kingdom, are seeing an annual increase in visitors to their...

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Body Map

What do we think we are?

20 Mar 2009

Would you like to hear sounds from deep within the body, consider the similarities between a funeral sculpture and the structure of DNA, or explore...

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Revitalising research in Africa

01 Sep 2007

Following recent funding from the Leverhulme Trust, a new programme of academic exchange kicks off in October in the Centre of African Studies, as...

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Trachoma testing in a Masai tribe community

Two worlds, same needs, one solution

01 Apr 2007

A new test meets the diagnostic needs of resource-poor settings in both worlds.

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Civic education in progress

Fallacies of Freedom Talk in Africa

01 Oct 2006

Talk of hard-won freedom can be a threat to the very freedoms being celebrated. Harri Englund, a University Lecturer in the Department of Social...

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