Cambridge researchers have long worked with African colleagues on issues that matter not just to the continent but to the world.

Irish tenants are evicted and their homes torn down under the supervision of troops

Whose fault is famine? What the world failed to learn from 1840s Ireland

19 Jul 2011

A new book by a Cambridge University academic revisits one of the worst famines in recorded history. The Irish Famine of the 1840s had terrible...

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View of hills in Kigali, Rwanda.

Cambridge students spur entrepreneurship in Rwanda

11 May 2011

A group of Cambridge students are spearheading an initiative to create an Entrepreneurship Week in Rwanda to help lift the country out of poverty.

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Mobile phone

FluPhone: disease tracking by app

21 Apr 2011

A mobile phone app developed by Cambridge researchers that tracks how people behave during an epidemic could be used to limit disease spread.

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Masai bush landscape

More than the stuff of legend

30 Mar 2011

Research into the epic chronicling the adventures of the legendary Swahili ruler, Fumo Liyongo, has revealed messages that reach far beyond myth-...

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From left: O. Okunoye, T. Awosanmi, K. Simala and E. El-Nour

Conversations across continents

17 Mar 2011

Each year, academic dialogue is enriched at the Centre of African Studies by the arrival of a group of African scholars who spend up to six months...

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Water clarity improvement after filtration

Safe water solutions

01 Nov 2010

Research across the University is helping to clean up water in regions around the world.

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Faculty of Education Building

Lessons from learning studies

01 Nov 2010

Two research programmes in the Faculty of Education are bringing new insight to the impact and implementation of education in developing countries.

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Community radio volunteers, Breeze-FM, Chipata, Zambia

Democratising the airwaves

01 Nov 2010

A new research collaboration will investigate the capacity of radio to facilitate citizen-led governance in developing countries.

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Humanitarian focus on ICTs for international development

01 Nov 2010

New networking activities will help academic expertise in information and communications technology to benefit developing countries.

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JustMilk device

Preventing HIV transmission during breastfeeding

20 Oct 2010

In order to reduce the transmission of HIV from mother to baby during breastfeeding, scientists are developing a low-cost, modified nipple shield...

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Kenyan PhD student in Pathology Department

Helping African science to THRiVE

01 Oct 2010

Cambridge academics are helping to strengthen research expertise in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda.

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Elephant family - Masai Mara

Large mammals declining in Africa’s parks

13 Jul 2010

African national parks such as Masai Mara and the Serengeti have seen populations of large mammals decline by up to 59 per cent, Cambridge...

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